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“Shirey is the living embodiment of the spirit of John Cage, committed to the tenets that music is play and listening to music is an active endeavor...”
— Anne E. Johnson, Classical Voice America
“…his performances seem a combination of
careful planning and spur-of- the-moment

— The New York Times
“Sxip fascinates me. His music sounds like
stories. He works in the places where noise
becomes music and does things that make
you realize there are no boundaries between
noise and music—or not like you imagine.”

— Neil Gaiman
“The multifaceted New York-based musician
is renowned for his kaleidoscopic array of
gewgaws and gadgets repurposed for
performances by a one-man gonzo
orchestra…his résumé doubles as a
passport of imposing sophistication and

—The Wall Street Journal
— The Wall Street Journal